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two. to Enjoy (music) on a pipe or pipes. He piped a tune. blaas, fluit يَعْزِف على المِزْمار свиря tocar zapískat pfeifen fløjte παίζω στη φλογέρα tocar vilet puhuma نی یا فلوت زدن soittaa pilliä jouer לְנַגֵן בְּחָלִיל बांसुरी बजाना svirati sípol meniup seruling leika á hljóðpípu suonare 笛で吹く 관악기를 불다 groti, dūduoti, švilpti spēlēt/pūst stabuli, svilpīti, dūdas meniupkan op een fluit spelen spille på fløyte grać na fujarce, dudach itp.

[34][35][36] The former can be an intrafield pipeline, within the feeling that it is utilized to attach subsea wellheads, manifolds along with the platform in a selected advancement subject. The latter, at times known as an "export pipeline", is utilized to provide the useful resource to shore.[35] The development and maintenance of marine pipelines suggest logistical difficulties which can be unique from People onland, largely on account of wave and existing dynamics, as well as other geohazards.

The introduction of benzene and various unstable organic compounds (collectively BTEX) to your subterranean atmosphere compounds the danger posed by a pipeline leak. Specially if followed by rain, a pipeline breach would bring about BTEX dissolution and equilibration of benzene in drinking water, accompanied by percolation on the admixture into the aquifer.

Benzene is considered a light aromatic hydrocarbon with significant solubility and higher volatility.[clarification essential] It is actually unclear how temperature and depth would affect the volatility of benzene, so assumptions happen to be designed that benzene in oil (1% bodyweight by quantity) wouldn't volatilize before equilibrating with drinking water.[43] Using the octanol-water partition coefficient along with a 100-year precipitation function for the region, a worst-situation estimate of seventy five mg/L of benzene is expected to move towards the aquifer.

.. whether or not It is really economic advancement, tribes fork out the cost. And what we see now are tribes from all over sharing precisely the same concern that We've got, expressing, 'It's adequate now. Stop performing this to indigenous folks. Halt executing this to our indigenous lands.'"

As a rule pipelines for all makes pipeline use of are laid in most cases underground.[citation necessary] Nevertheless, occasionally it is necessary to cross a valley or perhaps a river on a pipeline bridge. Pipelines for centralized heating methods will often be laid on the ground or overhead.

Due to severe mother nature of such illnesses and the lack of obtainable solutions, there is a chance For additional versatile and effective development paths to the industry. Which means, in some instances, the research essential for us to exhibit proof-of-thought with a selected drug may additionally be the scientific studies that full our advertising registration package, therefore supplying us with a comparatively quick path to marketplace for likely new remedies for devastating and infrequently lethal ailments.

[11] These units are released from pig-launcher stations and travel in the pipeline to get obtained at another station down-stream, either cleaning wax deposits and content which will have amassed Within the line or inspecting and recording the condition of the road.

Pipelines have been utilized for transportation of pipeline ethanol in Brazil, and there are many ethanol pipeline initiatives in Brazil and The usa.[12] The principle problems linked to the transportation of ethanol by pipeline are its corrosive character and tendency to soak up h2o and impurities in pipelines, which are not problems with oil and normal fuel.

1. the act of playing a musical pipe or pipes. blaasinstrument bespeel pipeline عَزْف على القِرَب свирене flautear hra na píšťalu, na dudy das Flöten fløjtespil το παίξιμο φλογέρας acción de tocar un instrumento de viento vilemäng, torupillimäng فلوت زنی pillillä soitto pipeline action de jouer du pipeau/de la cornemuse לְחַלֵל वेणुवादन svirati sípolás meniup seruling flautuleikur il pipeline suonare la cornamusa 笛吹き 관악기 연주 grojimas, dūdavimas stabulēšana; dūdu spēlēšana peniupan het pijpen fløytespill, sekkepipespill gra na fujarce, dudach itp.

The village of Hallstatt in Austria, and that is noted for its very long history of salt mining, claims to have "the oldest industrial pipeline on the earth", dating back to 1595.

Alicaforsen is definitely an antisense drug we designed to reduce the creation of intercellular adhesion molecule 1, or ICAM-1. Ulcerative colitis, or UC, can be an inflammatory bowel sickness of the colon, a part of the massive intestine, and pouchitis is really an inflammation on the surgically made internal pouch established in UC sufferers who've had their diseased colons taken off. In 2007, we accredited alicaforsen to Atlantic Pharmaceuticals for pouchitis, UC as well as other inflammatory diseases.

Vitality Transfer Associates mentioned it's made an effort to steer the pipeline faraway from residential parts and has tried to succeed in voluntary promotions with house entrepreneurs "at a fair cost."

Coagulation abnormalities and thrombocytopenia, including acute significant thrombocytopenia, are observed just after administration of some antisense oligonucleotides. Renal toxicity, like probably fatal glomerulonephritis, continues to be noticed following administration of some antisense oligonucleotides. Current Status

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